May 2010

Richmond-upon-Thames May Fair

Performing outside Richmond’s wonderful old theatre, alongside tap dancer Derek Hartley of Pineapple Dance Studios , to the enjoyment & appreciation of fair-goers & passing public alike. Fair Organizer, W. Walters wrote “Richmond Theatre got in touch with me to say that they have received some amazing feedback from what you did on Saturday, and they thought both you and Derek were really top notch”

‘Frank Sinatra’ meets…

Kevin’s acting skills were under the microscope when the actress owner of a small theatre company booked Kevin for her father’s 80th Birthday Party’s ‘This Is Your Life’ segment, to re-tell the tale as Frank Sinatra of when her father had met Sinatra in London in the 60’s. (A sample of Kevin’s spoken Sinatra accent can be heard on the Sinatra Page)