**APRIL 2022 NEWS**

From Frank Sinatra Tribute to Swing Jazz Bands…  

A busy start to 2022 for Kevin with lovely clients booking him from the U.K.’s South Coast to the North East and, as you can see from these photos, from tiny spaces to large theatres stages.  Clients so far this year had booked varying act options, from his impressive Frank Sinatra Tribute to his entertaining jazz/swing bands – all are must-have options to look at for any event, wedding, or party.

Playing Frank Sinatra in show ‘Buble Meets Sinatra: The Showdown!’

Kevin’s next appearance in this amazing show is on 16th October, at The Princes Theatre, Clacton-On-Sea, Essex, CO15 1SE. Get your tickets here: TICKETS    

Frank Sinatra Tribute